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July 2019


Lenasia South

082  821 2606

Just want to say Jazakalla once again

The sets came out beautifully

March 2019


DSG Rosebank

063 975 6002
I got the towel sets
They are stunning
Lots of ladies wanna order for Mothers day
17 Feb 2019


Thanks for the beautiful towel sets for the twins


Staudying education at UJ

January 2019


061 433 3214

Lenasia South

THank u

Beautiful work

My uncle and aunt dd their beautiful towels by u
will u do mine?
084  874  0147

December 2018

Dr Kathleen

082  556   8174


The Scrolls were beautiful on the 2 bath towels

I like your work

The set for the baby was lovely


072 706 5353

Thank You

October 2018



Once again thanks for the stunning Terry Lustre towels

Those bough in 1999 still so stunning

August 2018


081  490  0033

Thank u.The towels came out sooooo beautiful

everbody was so happy

July 2018

Abeda from Cape Town  083 271 1222

Thank u for your excellent service and beautiful towels over the years that i purchased from u


Farnaaz from Lenasia.011 852 6440

Thank u

We have been married for 10 years and are still using the Terry Lustre Towels with your beautiful embroidery


Cheryl.071 483 2886

Thank you

Your client since I got married.My son is already in High School.

Those Terry Lustre hand towels r lovely

I always give them for couples as wedding gifts

Dr Belinda.Greenside  011 327 3202

Thanks.Beautiful embroidery and personalization


Shaaista.Centurion  076 721 1088

Thanks for the towels

They are absolutely amazing!!!

Stunning!!They r beautiful

Nasima.Crosby. 084 582 2873

Thanks for the beautiful embroidery

And those beautiful Terry Lustre 3 pc sets and Terry Lustre Bath robes

My husband loved his to bits

Now each of my grand daughters have a Terry lustre 3 pc towel set and a Terry Lustre Robe

Each of my daughters and daughter in law has a towel set and robe

my son and son in law has a Terry lustre Robe